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The Finn Five - Number Five

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

There are so many characteristics that made Finn, Finn; but there are 5 that stand out.

Finn had the most epic bounce dance that often included the right hand bounce along too. ENJOY.
The Finn Five Number Five - DANCING!

Today is my little toots first birthday. As we sat at Finn's grave this morning imagining what today would have been, we played his favorite music (The Sing Soundtrack) and all I could think about was Number Five of The Finn Five...his dance moves. His dancing was a recent revelation, but my goodness could he bust some moves.

Let me preface the below video. I tried multiple genres of music before stumbling upon this one, but this just happened to be the one he reacted to, so enjoy our little half diapered star.

This next video combines Number Four and Five of The Finn Five. If you watch until the end, you will see how he always caught his reflection in the black speaker box and got a kick out of himself. That smile. My goodness, that smile.

And then, of course, Dada had to help him get the dance moves just right...

Then, came the discovery of the movie Sing. This boy was HOOKED. The baby that never sat still for 2 minutes would suddenly sit watching this movie for 15-20min intervals followed by some epic dancing to his favorite songs. His favorite were the little pigs; personally, I believe because their body type resembled his so well. My little porky piggy baby. Auntie Jess captured the video below on the Saturday before our lives were rocked.

Thank you all for the extra prayers today. God knows we needed them and will continue to need them. But..."we're still standing....yeah, yeah, yeah." Because God had given us you, all of you who continue to rally behind us and make up our army.

Today, on Finn's birthday, instead of the cliche "dance like nobody's watching," I say dance like the whole world is watching and you just don't care because you know you're cute - like our Turkey Butted Baby.

Happy birthday, bubz.

Much love,

Finn's Mama

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