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The Finn Five - Number 3

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

There are so many characteristics that made Finn, Finn; but there are 5 that stand out.

The Finn Five Number 3? WATER!

From the very start, Finn loved baths. They became part of our every night routine and he would soak it up. I remember at the beginning we always talked to him about scrubbing his crevices (hello, leg rolls) which then became his "crevvies". Austin would joke that Finn would be an old man asking Mama to wash his "crevvies".

Dada taught Finn to splash aggressively in the bath tub which lead to situations like below:

Then came the water table; the biggest hit of a toy. He loved to stand and splash. He was so dang smart, Dada would show him one thing, and he would quickly mimic it. Monkey see, Monkey do. He wanted to be like Dada.

He enjoyed his baby pool at our house and at Momo's on the 4th of July (which wouldn't have been possible without the help of Auntie Jess): splashing, crawling, laughing, and occasionally trying to escape.

Finn enjoying his pool at home with Mama and Dada.

And the splash pad....Finn's eyes filled with pure wonder at the different water spouts as he tried desperately to grasp the water in his hands. Amazed by the fact that it went right through them.

We so enjoyed this summer, although not complete, with our baby boy. Early in the summer, Austin told me he'd read somewhere that we only get 17 summers with our child. I was crushed, only 17? Little did we know, God had bigger plans, and we wouldn't even have 1 full one.

But that's how Austin and I lived. We lived, keeping in mind how precious every moment, every day, and every summer was and would be.

Blow up that difficult pool, take your child to the splash pad, let them play at their water table, let them splash until you are covered from head to toe: DO IT ALL. Because you never know if you'll have all 17 summers, or just 1.

Much Love,

Finn's Mama

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