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The Finn Five - Number 2

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

There are so many characteristics that made Finn, Finn; but there are 5 that stand out.

The Finn Five Number 2? FOOD!

If you knew Finn or even saw pictures of him, it was likely quite obvious to you that our guy LOVED to eat. He was breastfed on demand his entire life, and once we introduced food his love for food was beyond evident. I can't recall a food he didn't like. Our chunky boy would throw food back faster than we could give it to him, especially edamame. My favorite memories are meal time and our days revolved around eating; he was a boy of routine, just like Dada.


Finn was an early riser, like mama, so this was our special time together. He woke nearly every morning at 5am and our day started. After breastfeeding, I would setup his bumbo chair in front of the tv, make our breakfast and we would sit, watch tv and eat together.

Lunch Time

Lunch time was our family's dinner time. Austin worked in the evenings so it was the meal we all were blessed to enjoy together during the week. This time was so special. Finn would eat (I always made sure it was messy since dad was there to help with the clean up;)) and dad would wash him off in the sink. We used a hand towel (literally perfect size for a baby), but instead of logically putting it around all of him; Austin would hold Finn up, and I would tie it around his waist, because what's cuter than a baby that looks like a big boy who just completed a workout and shower. Then Dada would take care of dressing him, while Mama handled the cleanup.

Lunch time routine: Messy meal, sink bath by dad, gym towel, and dressed by dada

Snack Time

In between meal times, we enjoyed a variety of snacks and by variety I mean animal crackers with a few other random things in between. Finn loved to stick his hand in the cookie jar and grab his own animal crackers. He ALSO loved to take them out and throw them for Hope. I still can't figure out why she didn't love him. He fed her 90% of his food.

Dinner Time

This was more mama and Finn time during the week days. Instead of going into great detail, here are a few precious moments I captured during dinner.

The goal of sharing The Finn Five with all of you is to show you what a bright light he was and will always be in our life and in hopes that he also becomes one in yours.

I am not going to sugarcoat the depths of despair that Austin and I experience everyday. But that's not what The Finn Five posts are about. Those posts and how we cope through the darkest days of our life, they are coming; but for now, Finn's light needs to shine for all of you.

Much love,

Finn's Mama

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1 Comment

Dinner time.. what can I say!!! That was our boys time to be together and to laugh and love each other. Pax and Finn have a special bond, just like us. I love this chunky butt and all the food he loved to eat....but let's be honest...momma's milk was and will always be Finn's favorite!!!



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