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The Finn Five - Number 1

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

There are so many characteristics that made Finn, Finn; but there are 5 that stand out.

For the 5 days leading up to our perfect baby boy's birthday, I want you to get to know our Finn. He was and will always be such a bright light, and it's only fair I share that bright light with all of you.

So, what is number #1 on what made Finn, Finn? His wave. His wave melted every bit of my soul every time I saw it. My most favorite and probably the reason I have still not been able to get in my car, is when we would drive and out of no where my little backseat passenger would say "HIIIIIII" and wave at me. I long desperately for these moments back. I know God had a plan, and I know Finn's purpose was fulfilled; but it doesn't stop this mama's heart from aching for my baby boy.

So here it is, Finn's wave...

Obviously, all babies begin to wave. What's the big deal, right? Finn had a distinct wave. A flick of the wrist, often at his forehead and accompanied with his own version of the word "HIIIIIII".

Enjoy the Finn Wave, the first of the Finn Five.

As we approach Finn's first birthday, I find the waves of pain hitting more often. But for 11 months, I got to hold, laugh, love, cuddle, play, and cherish every moment with my little slice of heaven; and nothing can take that from me, nothing.

Hold your babies tight and do the Finn wave.

Much Love,

Finn's Mama

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