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The Day Finn was EVERY WHERE

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

"I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in God."

Sign 1

As many of you know, we have a huge Finn the Hero Fundraiser coming up here in a few weeks. Finn's army has been so busy working from near and far to gather donations. One of Finn's army members, Skylar, who I worked with over 5 years ago and have grown close with through the years, worked from Austin, TX to contact organizations for donations. She was able to secure a huge Magnolia donation (come bid on it at Finn the Hero's First Annual Fundraiser). So, on Monday I had to go pick it up from Magnolia. I went to the front desk and stood, feeling emotions starting to bottle up. I told them I was here to pick up a donation item for Finn Pope and as soon as the girl walked away, the emotions poured out of me. I am standing there crying and the lady comes back over to me and says, "You know, I feel like I was meant to come up to you. I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in God. My maiden name is Finn and I have a great nephew named Finn." That was God and Finn comforting me, letting me see and feel their presence when I was so desperately in need.

Sign 2

Next stop, we had to go to Hobby Lobby so I could gather supplies to make the "Finn the Hero" cake topper and a shadow box gift for the nurses. Again, the emotions start to bubble up. Finn and I went to Hobby Lobby a lot recently as I bought the many things needed to craft for his 1st birthday party. We were in an aisle I distinctly remember being in with Finn when Hallelujah began to play. Hallelujah was significant to Finn because it was in his favorite movie, "Sing" and also because we played it at his funeral. At that moment, God and Finn knew that Mama needed to know he was there.

Searching for a good picture of the necklace and found this one. Brought me to tears. We made each other so happy.

Sign 3

As we are in the checkout line, I see that the woman checking out in front of us is wearing an "F" necklace. Christmas last year, Austin bought me an "F" necklace that I wore every day. Finn loved to play and pull on it. I no longer have that "F" necklace because I placed it in my little boy's hands when we visited with him in his casket. Finny has Mama's necklace. Yet, another sign I desperately needed that morning to know that my God has my baby, and he's ok.

Do I always feel this confident in God and His plan? Absolutely not. I struggle every day to understand why. But I pull myself out of those moments and realize that no one in this entire world got the privilege to be Finn's Mama and Dada except for us. How blessed we are to have gotten those 11 months. There's a lot of babies in the world, but there are no other Finn Benton Popes. No other baby's lives that could touch and continue touching so many people, and we, we are his parents. I will continue to Thank God for allowing us the privilege of those wonderful 11 months and continue to ask God and Finn to show themselves when I need them most.

Much Love,

Finn's Mama

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