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Amazon Finds!

I’ve been slacking on Finley’s Friday content, but we are back! We spend so much time in her playroom, so I thought I’d share. I wanted Finley’s toys to be easily accessible with both open shelves, perfect for rotating toys, and closed. Shelves and wicker baskets were both Amazon finds. And the cute ABC sign and rug, Amazon too! Links below picture.

Storage cube shelves -

Wicker storage baskets -

embroidered alphabet poster - Dusty pink rug -

Finley’s adorable pink ball pit was also an Amazon find from Lala and Pops. It was the most affordable foam pink one I could find and has taken her from 6 months old to now, and I don’t think she’ll stop loving it anytime soon! Oh and that Melissa and Doug shopping cart? Amazon! It was actually a first birthday present for Finn from Honey, my mom. 💚 All links below the pictures.

pink foam ball pit ($10 off coupon too!)-

shopping 🛒-

I’m really into tapestries right now and this one fit Finley and the room perfectly 🌈 - AMAZON find and so is the muslin cotton throw blanket. The perfect weight for a summer blanket.

rainbow tapestry -

throw blanket -

Austin says Finley’s room is turning into a classroom and I’m sure this little table I just added doesn’t help, but once a teacher, always a teacher? The cutest little table - I see many future messes here.

Table and chairs -

I know most of you following are more interested in our story, more of that coming too. We have a big week coming up with Finn’s 3rd birthday and the book release. This, in full transparency, is the first birthday of his I’ve been off an anti-depressant and it’s hitting me HARD. It‘s a nice escape to be able to share Finley’s playroom before I blog about all the emotions surrounding another birthday without my boy.

As always, thank you for the endless support.

Much Love,

Finn’s Mama

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