Finley’s Faves - Toy Edition

Every other Friday I plan to publish a “Finley’s Faves” blog post consisting of a different category of favorites. As she grows, I’ll rotate through categories and update her faves.

DISCLAIMER: Some blog posts (like this one) will have links that if you click and purchase an item, I make a very small commission. Please do not feel obligated to buy, but if you do buy based on a recommendation, I would so appreciate you using the links provided. My hope is first and foremost to provide valuable content and only then I'd like the potential of this turning into a way to stay home longer with Finley. It‘s not easy to put yourself out there for judgement in transitioning the blog to more about me and less centered around grief and Finn BUT this is one of the many ways Finn has changed me. When your worst fear comes true, the fear of judgement is so much less daunting. Through Finn, I have gained confidence in myself, in my journey, and somehow, despite the worst, in being a mama; so this blog, although not completely centered around him anymore, is 1000% because of him.

Ok, let’s dive in to today’s Friday Finley’s Faves (tongue twister!)! For reference, Finley is 13 months old.

Here's a quick video of Finley playing with her favorite toys. The links and descriptions can be found below the video.

1. Baby doll with Bottle - Finley is a born mama (Austin will totally make fun of me for saying that)! A sweet friend got this for her 1st birthday and seeing her mother the baby is just the sweetest. I have linked a similar baby with bottle.

2. Carrot Puzzle - Finley has loved this one since I put it in her Easter basket. It's so fun to watch her concentration while trying to get the correct carrot in the hole. Great for motor skill development and problem-solving.

3. Pound & Tap Ball Toy - A good friend got this for Finn before he was born and it's another favorite in our house! Another toy that grows with them and as Finley gets older she can do new things with it - like match the colors. It keeps her busy putting the balls in the holes and hammering away. I'd recommend this one over and over! In fact, as I am typing this blog up, she is playing with it.

4. Kitchen Helper - My absolute FAVORITE - idk if toy is the correct category, but I had to include this one! If you aren't familiar, this allows your toddler to stand at counter height and safely "help" you in the kitchen. I love trying to involve Finley in making dinner. My mom bought her a cute knife and velcro strawberry at our local dollar store for her to practice cutting, so I let her play with that and shake seasonings (with the lid on) into our foods. I can't wait for her to continue to use this and help me in the kitchen as she gets older. PLUS, Finley's head is a magnet for all things, including the fridge door so this contains her while I am in and out of the fridge. I have linked ours first, and then a few other options as well.

Other options:

5. Picnic Basket Shape Sorter - I might like this toy even more than Finley. It's just the cutest, and I am so excited for her to continue to learn what it is and for our future pretend picnics. Right now I turn off the sound and we work on shape sorting and opening the basket to retrieve the shapes. Such a cute concept and a toy that can continue to grow with her.

Please feel free to provide feedback or if there's any content you are interested in, let me know! I am excited to hopefully be a resource for you guys. Save this post for future 1st birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, future babes, or share with your mama friends! Stay tuned for an upcoming home décor post.

As always, I appreciate your continued support.

Much love,

Finn's Mama

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